Gardening in the Texas Heat

A recent video from Marjory Wildcraft had some interesting suggestions for what we can grow in our vegetable gardens during the long, hot, dry Texas summers:

Gardening in the Heat with Marjory Wildcraft of Backyard Food Production

Her plant suggestions are:

  1. cowpeas (black-eyed peas)
  2. okra
  3. sweet potato
  4. lambsquarters
  5. nutsedge (chufa)
  6. canna lily
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2 Responses to Gardening in the Texas Heat

  1. Ross McKenney says:

    Marjory, I really enjoyed your easy going style and open, honest presentation on plant growing right through the summer heat (without being out in it too much). Like you, I am interested in getting more out of my garden year round. Clearly last summer was no fun, but it was a crucible of sorts and a real learning experience in weeding out the weaker plants as far as overbearing summer heat goes. To add to your list of things that can make it or even thrive in that kind of heat, please add the so-called yard long bean. It did amazingly well and grew so high on a homemade fence/trellis that served well as a sun shield for plants on the edge of making it through the stress but needing a little help. Amazing yields all the way through until fall and then the super plant just folded. Likewise, the Ruby Red Swiss Chard did great with all the stress and it had already survived a pretty stout winter- two years going strong with a severe pruning back(weed eater!) to get it revved up for the 2011 summer. We’ll see how it does this winter. So far, so good. Kind regards to you from your new fan. Ross in Colleyville, TX!

  2. AmandaK says:

    Marjory is truly great. She is inspiration for people to learn how to grow their own food. It will even come in handy when disasters happen and there is a food shortage, like an EMP. Marjory is going to actually be on a radio blog show Wednesday January 18th, 2012 to talk about these things. It should be really great to hear, here’s the link to listen:

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