Citizen Gardener

Hands-On Organic Vegetable Gardening Class

Don’t have a lot of time, money, patience, or space…but want a productive vegetable garden?

  • learn the Citizen Gardener method to growing vegetables in DFW’s unique growing seasons
  • raise safe, nutritious food for your family
  • get it done quickly, easily, and for little money

What will I do in the class?

  • CG2hoophouseGain the knowledge needed to turn your bare ground or Bermuda grass lawn into raised-garden beds – in the right place, with the right soil, at the right time, with the right plants. Small enough to manage, big enough to provide real food.
  • Techniques: Raised beds; soil, mulch, and compost; bio-intensive/square-foot gardening, organic/natural methods, relative space, stack and pack, vertical.
  • How to deal with: Water, Sun, Heat, Cold, and Wind.
  • Build and plant 2 beds (2 different ways) with live transplants and seeds.
  • Build trellis from bamboo.
  • Build a hoop house for summer shade and winter greenhouse.
  • Build a rain water collection barrel – learn the very expensive pitfalls of doing it incorrectly.
  • Hands-On: Students, assistants, and teacher working as a team. Learning while doing!

Do It,…Learn It,…Go Home and Do It

Class schedule coincides with our planting seasons.

How it works:


  • Complete the Course – learn the skills, gain the knowledge, and be encouraged.
  • Community Service – volunteer 8 hours within the program.
  • Become a Citizen Gardener.

Find a class:CG2planting

  • Click on the ‘classes‘ link from the menu
  • Sign up for the class of your choice
  • Classes are only held during the appropriate planting seasons
  • Consider starting your own class near you

For questions or discussion about the DFW Citizen Gardener program, please search the FAQ, visit the forum board on the subject or send an email to