DFW Citizen Gardener Classes

Upcoming DFW Citizen Gardener Classes

Sign up as early as possible! If too few people are enrolled a week before class is scheduled, the class will have to be canceled because materials are purchased before the class begins. For the same reason, refunds are not given if you are unable to come to a class you have signed up for.

Class #11:

[no classes are currently planned]

At this time no future classes are planned.
link to sign up and more infomation will be posted here when class(s) is(are) booked

After signing up for a class: You should receive a verification email from ‘Citizen Gardener DFW’ with some basic questions and details about the class (what to expect, what we will be doing, where to park, last minute changes to class, etc.) If you do not receive this email within two days of signing up, you need to contact me by sending an email to citizengardener@northtexasvegetablegardeners.com because it is important that we communicate before class.

Note: Citizen Gardener classes are only offered during the fall and spring planting seasons for the DFW area.

Get Notified of Future Classes: Sign up for the NTVG Newsletter (see sidebar) to receive advanced notice of upcoming classes.

For questions or discussion about the DFW Citizen Gardener program, please search the FAQ, visit the forum board on the subject, or send an email to citizengardener@northtexasvegetablegardeners.com

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