Get Involved

forum_blog_buttons150150Add useful information to the forum or write a blog article:  The community resources are populated by the users.  If you run across a tidbit of good information, share it with everyone bycreating an entry on the forum.  If the information is more detailed, consider writing a blog article about the subject.  The content you add will be available for others who will visit the community later (possibly years later!) to learn from and add their information to as well.

Add a simple description of the gardening stores near you:  A special place (The WHERE board) is set up on the forum to help people find resources in their area.  Use your existing knowlege of what is around you or go exploring to learn more, then make some notes so other community members benefit from your knowledge!

NTCG-150x150-logo-revHelp with the Citizen Gardener Program:  There are several ways to help with the hands-on gardening classes.  Teaching, promotion, assisting classes, creating class materials (flyers, announcements, raised bed sides, hoop house components, and more), and organizing new classes are all possibilities of ways to be involved.  Contact  


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