Zero Cost / Zero Waste Alternative to Pots

An alternative to buying pots for starting seeds or making pots out of newspaper is to use a clump of soil with no container at all by using a handy little tool like the soil cube.  There are several benefits from starting seeds like this:

  • saves money (no re-occurring costs)
  • no need to sanitize old pots for re-use
  • avoids or minimizes root shock (roots of plant stops growing with they hit the air)

Keeping the soil cubes moist is a little more effort, since the force of normal water droplets will melt the cubes.  You need to use a spray-mister bottle to water with.  


About Brian Gallimore

Brian is a backyard vegetable gardener and aquaponics enthusiast. He also moonlights as a permaculture designer, maintains the online community, and sponsors the Citizen Gardener program in the DFW area.
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