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  1. Janice Vickery says:

    I am interested in what type of vegetables grow best here in North Texas for the winter

    • Justin says:

      I just noted your question so it’s a bit late, but in most years with urban settings spinach, black lettuce, and other leafy greens are good options.

    • Ella Fitzbag says:

      Mustard greens all winter. Cauliflower but get it in the ground close to 1st frost date. Leave carrots and beets in the ground; they will continue to grow a little and will give you fresh healthy carrots and beets until next spring.

    • Swiss chard and kale will survive into the mid 20’s without protection. With protection I’ve had them survive into the low teens. I have video at

  2. Chelle says:

    We grew spinach, various lettuces, various types of radishes, beets, snow peas and sweet peas and all did very well. The lettuces took a while to show up though.

  3. David A Cox says:

    Collards, pak choy,spinach, snow peas, cabbage broccoli, cilantro

  4. Ammie says:

    Help, something is eating the leaves of my heirloom tomato plants and white bell pepper plant,
    stripping the plant clean and big bites out of ripening fruits, vegetables, I do have possums in
    my yard, I do not see slugs or other garden bugs. Ammie

  5. Sonia says:

    I clicked the link for the Citizen Gardener program on the 101 page and it brought me to this page. Could you probide the correct link?

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