How To Build a Citizen Gardener Hoop House

Here is a pictorial set of instructions for building a hoop-house as taught by the Citizen Gardener class for less than $20.


  • QTY 1: 2×4-8′
  • QTY 1: 1×2-8′
  • QTY 3: 1/2″ PVC-10′ (Schedule 40)
  • QTY 3 to 6: o-ring hose washers
  • plastic or shade cloth of your choice (size can be from 2′ x 4′ up to 12′ x 12′)
  • 7/8″ wood spade bit
  • 1/8″ drill bit
  • QTY 8: 3″ lag screws or deck screws
  • QTY 6: 2″ deck screws

Cut and Drill the Lumber

  • Cut the 2×4 in half so you have 2 48″ pieces.
  • Cut the 1×2 in half so you have a 48″ piece.
  • Drill holes through the 1×2 at 1″, 24″, and 47″
  • Drill holes half-way through the 2×4 as shows at 1″, 24″, and 47″
  • Drill staggered pilot holes in the 2×4 for attachment to the side of the raised bed
  • Chamfer the top corners of the 1×2 and sand smooth


  • Attach the 2×4 sides to the raised bed with bolts or heavy deck screws
  • Insert the PVC into the 1×2, using o-rings to secure the pipe from slipping around
  • Insert the ends of the PVC into the 2×4 that is attached to the raised bed
  • Drill holes and use screws to lock PVC ends in holes

Make clips to hold fabric on PVC pipe (note, these parts can also be purchased from greenhouse supply places if you don’t want to make them at home)

  • Cut multiple 3″ pieces of 3/4″ schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • Cut a slit in the pieces to remove 25 to 40% of the circle (note- come up with a safe way to do this – don’t try to hold a piece this small while cutting.  I mounted the piece in a vice and and cut with an angle grinder)

The more material you leave on the clips, the tighter they will grip the fabric when installed.

About Brian Gallimore

Brian is a backyard vegetable gardener and aquaponics enthusiast. He also moonlights as a permaculture designer, maintains the online community, and sponsors the Citizen Gardener program in the DFW area.
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5 Responses to How To Build a Citizen Gardener Hoop House

  1. Pearl says:

    I have a raised bed made of paver wall stone and I was wondering if it can be drilled into to install this hoop.

    • Barbara says:

      I drive 2′ lengths of rebar into the ground just outside of the beds, and just slide the ends of the pvc over it. Does great for me, and can be taken down easily

  2. Gary says:

    Try making the hoop house as described but set it inside the stone walls. Tie the base to 4 or more long tent stakes to hold it in place.

  3. Debra Czapla says:

    My neighbor’s yard is being overrun with bamboo. Since we have been cutting it back, I was wondering if some of these “shoots” that are ~20′ tall could be used to make the hoops. I have been thinking of ways to use these as trellis, etc. Seems a shame to just throw them out–anyone have any experience with using bamboo to make useful garden structures/items?

    • Barbara says:

      Beans will climb them. Make a tepee of several pieces, and plant beans around each. Also if you add some fabric trellising, and you can have any climbing plant use it. I’d love to have bamboo shoots to work with!

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