Citizen Gardener Curriculum

Citizen Gardener Curriculum

  • Build a raised bed from scratch
    • placement considerations (sun, water, wind, traffic, relative position)
    • dealing with Bermuda grass
    • bed construction (tools, materials, design)
    • soil composition and properties
    • how and when to use mulch (wood and leaf)
    • “Square Foot Gardening” methods and techniques
    • starting from seed, transplanting
  • Build a Compost Pile
    • ingredients and composition of a compost pile
    • constructing structure from pallets
    • proper techniques for mixing, turning, adding
  • Build a second raised bed
    • mulch bed as alternate to soil
    • advantages/disadvantages to alternate bed type
  • Build a hoop house
    • construction (materials, design)
    • multiple uses of hoops using coverings
  • Build a trellis
    • add third dimension to growing space
  • Rain barrel demonstration
    • advantages of rain water harvesting
    • math of water catchment and use
    • methods of use
    • common pitfalls and dangers of use
  • Compost re-visited
    • demonstrate heat produced
    • turn compost or re-vitalize

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  1. David Clemons says:

    Hi. My wife and I live in Brownwood, Texas–3 hours away from Dallas, and we are interested in attending a vegetable gardening class. We actually are interested in something pretty exhaustive if you have it. I looked on the events and I’m not sure how much its been updated because it says something about 2015. Do you or another organization offer any type of vegetable gardening class? Something ideal would be like a two-day weekend class that explains how to do vegetable gardening for dummies! :) We are newbies in the vegetable gardening world but we have built a raised garden bed (about 8′ long x 3′ wide and 1′ high). Thanks!

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